I’m sure you’re all familiar with Oreo’s Dunk in the Dark ad that ran during the black out that defined this year’s Superbowl. And some of you may have heard of Oreo’s Cookie vs. Creme debate that skyrocketed their social media presence and took Instagram by storm. But has anyone heard of Oreo Skies? The mobile app for Nokia Lumia phones sponsored by Oreo to ignite brand recognition and excite consumers about milk’s favorite cookie?

App-users can navigate the galaxy and view the constellations through a kind of “augmented reality.” Oreo worked with Harvard University’s Robert Kirshner to collect all sorts of facts about the stars, planets, and other galactic phenomena you have access to through Oreo Skies. Occasionally, a shooting star will zip by carrying Oreo offers, incentives, and even special recipes!

Once you fall in love with this app, Oreo’s goal is to have you share the love with your friends and family by recommending it and passing it along. Once everyone you know is connected to Oreo Skies, you can send them messages in the stars! You simply type out a message to, for example, your second cousin once removed named George but whom everyone calls Mike, and he’ll receive it in no time! What’s more? Your greeting will look like a star in the sky that must be twisted open (like an Oreo, hehe) to reveal the message.

It’s fun little details like the shooting star promotions and twistable star messages that really make this a marketable app. Oreo’s goal is to boost sales in 2013 after a disappointing 2012…so by creating Oreo Skies, they are not only updating their image, but they are also continuing to utilize the social media outlets that have treated them so kindly in the past.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Oreo!

Everyone with a Nokia Lumia should check out the app and let me know what you think!