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Thursday marked the conference kick-off. There were activities galore, and it was important for the group of us to take in as much as we possibly could. At 5 o’clock, the six of us from The College of New Jersey participated in the annual Social Scramble. We got to meet other collegiate AMA members from all over! I even met a student studying abroad in Boston all the way from Italy! This was a fantastic way for members of all the chapters to introduce themselves to each other and get a little more comfortable. Definitely gets a thumbs up from me!


Members from TCNJ’s AMA looking very official with our name tags!

After this fun social event, we filed into an auditorium for the official start of the festivities. The keynote speaker on Thursday was a man by the name of Jeffrey Hayzlett, former Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak. Not only is Mr. Hayzlett a very successful businessman, but he is also a self-proclaimed cowboy who will always be seen in his signature leather cowboy boots.

Mr. Hayzlett was the perfect guy to start the event. He worked the crowd and gave us wonderful advice for our future careers in marketing. My takeaway from his talk was to be a clock changer. Now as odd as this may sound, it is important to think about what I mean by this…so I’ll give you a little background on Mr. Hayzlett’s favorite kind of people: the clock changers.

When he was first offered the position as CMO at Kodak, the first thing he planned to do was hold a meeting for the people he would be working most closely with. From head designers to market researchers and everyone in between, Jeff wanted to get to know his colleagues. He arrived in the meeting room about 20 minutes early so he could personally greet everyone in attendance, but before it all began he had something else planned as well. You see, Mr. Hayzlett noticed a nice, big clock hanging on the wall above the meeting table. Before anyone arrived, he took the clock off the wall, set it 20 minutes fast, and then replaced it right back where it came from. As people started filtering in, he would watch them all look at the clock, look at their watches, and then look at the clock again. As more people arrived they would agree that the clock was 20 minutes fast and that “something must be done!!” (rather enthusiastically I imagine)…but no one ever did anything about it. In fact, this went on for 2 full months. Two. Months. Until finally a young woman pulled over a chair, climbed up to the clock, fixed the time, and replaced it on the wall. She was a clock changer, and the next day, Mr. Hayzlett gave her a promotion.

He wasn’t talking about literally changing clocks. What Jeff meant by all this was that we won’t get very far in business, or in life for that matter, if we don’t take initiative. It’s important for each and every one of us to get up and do something about things that need to be fixed. If something is wrong, speak up.

In the marketing industry, communication is crucial. Ideas for campaigns or new marketing strategies must be shared on multiple levels, with many different people, with various outlooks on the subject. By speaking up and voicing your outlook, it is very likely that others will take on a new perspective on the problem at hand.

So take initiative. Be a clock changer. Don’t worry about speaking up, worry about what may happen if you don’t.


So remember a few weeks ago when I told you all about how great AMA is because of all the opportunities it provides to students and professionals? Like the conferences and networking sessions? Well guess where I am right now…

New Orleans!!!

I’m currently attending AMA’s international collegiate conference down in Louisiana with 5 other members of TCNJ’s chapter of the American Marketing Association, and we couldn’t be having a better time.

The trip began at 4am on Wednesday morning (what is it with these early wake-ups and AMA?!) when I got a ride to Newark airport for my flight to NOLA. After about an hour’s worth of delays, we finally made it up in the air for the 3 hour trip. Just as any other co-ed, I fully intended to be extremely productive on the plane. I figured I could get a good amount of work done and be able to enjoy my time away from classes…sounds nice right? Yeah…I tried that whole “be super efficient with your time so you don’t regret it later” thing, but at the end of the day, a girl’s gotta sleep!

We arrived at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport around 11:30 central time, collected our baggage, hailed a cab, and made our way over to the hotel. Then it was time to explore! We had the rest if the day to soak in the city! Lucky us, right?

Gumbo was had. Pictures were taken (you’ll be seeing those soon). The French Quarter was walked. The Mississippi River was enjoyed. New Orleans, or phonetically, N’awlins, has been nothing but wonderful since the start!

Tonight we begin the conference with a parade of chapters and a few words from a keynote speaker which I’ll tell you all about shortly! I can’t wait! But until then…