This morning I decided to forgo my usual morning run due to the unexpected cold that’s made its way to Ewing, and headed over to the gym instead. The horribly boring, dreadful gym. I had to spice it up a little bit, so naturally I brought along the latest issue of Food Network magazine to read while elliptical-ing along to the sound of the White Stripes. I think the people around me appreciated the delicious looking cinnamon buns that glazed graced the pages of May’s Homemade issue.

In my time flipping through the mag (making sure that no one else could actually see my mouth water), I stumbled across an advertisement for a new product from Wendy’s that leads me to believe they’re changing their approach and reevaluating their standing in the fast food market. The new Flatbread Grilled Chicken offered by the national chain is like a grown-up version of what Wendy’s has always wanted to be, at least in my eyes: a more healthful alternative to McDonald’s and Burger King. In some ways, Wendy’s may even be taking a stab at striking up a competition with places like Panera and Au Bon Pain that make quality, healthy options fast.


Don’t even try to tell me this doesn’t look amazing…

Nevertheless, my time with the elliptical had to end at some point, so I closed my reading material and went about my day, still intrigued by the thought of a healthy, new option at Wendy’s. Now I write to you after a few classes and before a few hours of group projects to share the big news! Try to contain your excitement…

But let’s think about it like this: next time you’re out running errands and fast food is your only option, you’ll thank that girl from Advantageous Advertising because without her you’d be left to your own, burger-craving devices. You’re welcome.