In September of last year, I promised myself I would find a way to become more involved in one of The College of New Jersey’s professional organizations. I wasn’t sure which club I would join, but I went into my college’s Student Activities Fair with an open mind, hoping something would call out to me. Luckily enough, I stumbled across the table for the American Marketing Association. I started attending meetings regularly and became involved in as many of the organization’s productions as possible. In November, the e-board held interviews for the position of sub-committee leader for TCNJ School of Business events. Long story short, I didn’t get the position…instead, the executive board decided I should be Vice President of Communications! Works for me!

So I thought that given my luck so far with AMA, I should share my excitement and give you my top 3 reasons AMA is an organization to write home about.


AMA is a career-oriented organization. It is a great foundation for not only marketing- minded people, but also anyone looking to learn a little bit more about the business world. With a great group of alumni linked to AMA, career opportunities are endless. Many corporate executives got their start with AMA, and many more are sure to as well!


One of the ways AMA is able to thrive as a professional organization is through the many national events the organization sponsors. Its regional and national conferences are great networking opportunities for students looking for internships and full-time employment. Tomorrow, February 23rd, is the northeast regional conference at Pace University in New York City. I will be attending with a few other members of TCNJ’s chapter of AMA. It should be a great experience! I’ll be sure to post pictures!

Community Service

Along with the many professional opportunities provided to members through conferences and alumni, AMA remains focused on the community as well. Community service is an important part of what AMA stands for. Recently, TCNJ’s AMA worked with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to help families devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We have also partnered with a sorority on campus and a local organization called Homefront to help advertise their philanthropic mission of helping the homeless community in Trenton.

Now that I’ve given you my top 3 reasons to like AMA, I hope you go out and try to find your own! I’ll keep you all posted with pictures from the northeast regional conference in Manhattan tomorrow!

Check out the official AMA website here: