Throughout my spring semester at TCNJ, I have worked on, what seems like, millions and millions of marketing projects. From market research to surveys, advertisements to the analytical aspects of the field, I have covered all the bases. I really think I’m starting to get a grasp of this whole marketing major thing. One of the classes I did not expect to affect my knowledge of the field, however, has been my Writing for Interactive Multimedia course. By writing this blog, keeping up with the media, and learning to market myself by building a website and staying professional, this class has given me a new perspective on the marketing and advertising industries.

My final two projects in this course were to build a portfolio website (which I talk about here) and produce an audio visual presentation about something I find interesting or intriguing. While at first I wasn’t sure how the latter related to marketing, after having finished I had a very clear idea of how useful it will be in my career. I now understand how important it is to edit. I have to edit my thoughts, words, actions, future ad campaigns, and product pitches. I have a new found respect for editors in all professional industries. It takes a lot of time (and even more patience) to review and revise a media project. Films, ads, audio visual slideshows all take a critical eye to create and perfect.

Once the pictures had been taken, interview had been conducted, revisions had been made, sound had been added, more revisions had been made, and it finally all came together, it was quite clear to me that it wasn’t necessarily the project itself that related to marketing, but rather the process. It’s all about how you do it, not necessarily what you do. At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

At the top of this post is the final product, Springtime in Princeton, a nice collection of photos from a lovely town just minutes from my school along with an interview I had with the wonderful professor I went abroad with. Please, do enjoy!