This week there will be a new entrant into the world of advertised online music. During the popular reality music competition show The Voice, Spotify will present American music lovers with its campaign “For music.” This $10 million campaign is meant to generate awareness of Spotify and compel music fans across the country to consider downloading, and eventually paying for a subscription to the company’s online music services.

You might be thinking, “So what? This isn’t exactly the most interesting information.” Oh, but wait…none of the commercials will feature music. That’s right. A music service will run a multimillion dollar campaign with no music. Did I grab your attention?

The whole idea is to promote Spotify as the perfect place to go to find music for every moment and mood. No matter the genre, no matter your age, Spotify has the music you want, exactly when you want it. The spot shows concertgoers enjoying the energy of the show, when a narrator comes on and begins, “It’s been said that the best songs don’t give answers but instead answer questions. So, why? Why can a song change the world?” As a body-surfer makes his way over the crowd, the narrator continues, “Because music is a force for good, for change, for whatever. Because we were all conceived to a 4/4 beat. Because music cannot be stopped, cannot be contained. Because music makes us scream ‘Koo koo cachoo’ and mean it. Because music is worth fighting for. Why? Because it’s music.”

I must admit, I think the way this commercial plays out is brilliant. A commercial for a music service that has nothing but narration? Risky, but I think it will pay off. It’s unexpected and clever, and the addition of the narrator’s words (in particular, the fantastic Beatles reference) makes this an exciting spot.

Spotify is building a brand. The company’s goal is to be the place for people to go for music: no strings attached. “Find all the songs you need to get weird. And all the rest.” The idea is that Spotify is a judgment free place for music lovers no matter what their beloved genre may be. And I think that’s something we can all get behind.