So remember a few weeks ago when I told you all about how great AMA is because of all the opportunities it provides to students and professionals? Like the conferences and networking sessions? Well guess where I am right now…

New Orleans!!!

I’m currently attending AMA’s international collegiate conference down in Louisiana with 5 other members of TCNJ’s chapter of the American Marketing Association, and we couldn’t be having a better time.

The trip began at 4am on Wednesday morning (what is it with these early wake-ups and AMA?!) when I got a ride to Newark airport for my flight to NOLA. After about an hour’s worth of delays, we finally made it up in the air for the 3 hour trip. Just as any other co-ed, I fully intended to be extremely productive on the plane. I figured I could get a good amount of work done and be able to enjoy my time away from classes…sounds nice right? Yeah…I tried that whole “be super efficient with your time so you don’t regret it later” thing, but at the end of the day, a girl’s gotta sleep!

We arrived at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport around 11:30 central time, collected our baggage, hailed a cab, and made our way over to the hotel. Then it was time to explore! We had the rest if the day to soak in the city! Lucky us, right?

Gumbo was had. Pictures were taken (you’ll be seeing those soon). The French Quarter was walked. The Mississippi River was enjoyed. New Orleans, or phonetically, N’awlins, has been nothing but wonderful since the start!

Tonight we begin the conference with a parade of chapters and a few words from a keynote speaker which I’ll tell you all about shortly! I can’t wait! But until then…