As an aspiring marketing executive, I find myself looking for new organizations and newsletters and websites to give me a little more information about the industry. In one of my more recent Internet searches, I found myself deeply entranced by the articles one website had to offer. Anything and everything marketing or advertising related has its own category, neatly organized and up-to-date.

This marketing gem is known in the industry as INMA, a website made possible by the International News Media Association. INMA is “the world’s leading provider of global best practices and marketing ideas for news media companies looking to grow amid profound market change.” In other words, INMA is a leader in providing companies and individuals with the marketing and advertising knowledge to promote positive organizational growth even in these tumultuous times.

This site brings all the best marketing blogs into one, convenient location. Looking for the latest market research trends? INMA is for you! Or maybe you’re more interested in viewing a timeline of online advertising, its progression through the years with the advent of mobile phones and other advancing technologies…INMA is still for you! I have found that looking through various sources of reliable information is the best way to develop thoughts on a topic, and the way INMA brings together a wide variety of blogs into one convenient location is really exceptional.

So go ahead…you know you want to take a look at this fantastic marketing and advertising resource! And it’s all right there in one place. Could it be made any simpler? I seriously doubt it…

Enjoy all that INMA has to offer and stay current on the latest news in this dynamic field!