Welcome to advantageous advertising, a blog for students, professionals, and anyone else interested in marketing who may not know where else to catch up on the latest advertising and media trends.

My name is Liz and I’ll be the one bringing you everything you ever wanted to know…and then some…about the marketing industry. From ad campaigns and branding strategies to marketing conferences and catchy commercials, there’s a whole lot more to advertising than what Mad Men leads us to believe.

But what makes me a reliable source of advertising information? As a sophomore Marketing major at The College of New Jersey, I’m learning all about what it takes to sell a product to a customer. Who is the target market? What makes this cheap bar of soap better than that one? Why do you need another bar of soap, again? The truth is: neither soap is particularly great…and you don’t need another…but those ads…

So here we are: I’ve introduced myself to you as an up-and-coming advertising executive (wishful thinking never hurt anybody, right?) hoping to keep you informed about the latest marketing trends. I’ll keep you posted with my favorite ad campaigns, innovation in the industry, and any other exciting news that seems relevant to me at the time, all while trying to remain at least mildly entertaining. That’s my promise and I’m sticking to it.